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The Legion of Ukrainian Sich Riflemen Badges, Medals, and Other Items
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The citizens of Lwow, many of them children, fought off the Ukrainians. Polish army units arrived in a few days to assist the citizens. The fight lasted until November 22nd, when the Ukrainians were repelled.

Many school children died in this fight and a cemetery in Lwow was created in their honor. The children are known as Orleta Eaglets. The fighting against Ukrainian forces continued until July, when the Polish army finally pushed back the Ukrainians who were weakened by fighting the Bolsheviks on another front beyond the Zbrucz River.

I believe this to be part of a particular badge. TYPE Silver, cross obverse black enamelled, no inscription on arms, superimposed large eagle with enamelled shield Lith. Cross , three parts construction, size 41,4 x 42,6 mm; screw on reverse, large nut. The badge is a three part badge and if you look at the picture of the back of my eagle The red enameling has either been worn off or polished away. I have provided a pic of the badge I believe it is part of for comparison.

ISBN 13: 9780968818756

TYPE Bronze silver plated, partially patinated, small parts gilt, one part cut out construction, size 35,0 x 35,3 mm; screw on reverse, The screw cap is marked: B. On my example. The vertical pin had broken off and someone soldered a screw shaft onto it to be secured with a screw cap. The third badge I accidentally left off the original post so this is the first time viewing it:. The information you provided helps to verify what I have found. It is great that you were also able to Identify two of the last three that I did not find.

Armed Forces of Ukraine

Now I just hope that the final piece can be put in play. I can not thank you enough. You're welcome I am not sure about 2, 6, 11, Rest of them appear to be genuine items. When you show badges for examination it's important to show their reverses without spinners. That way it's easier to determine their authenticity. Names on the spinners belong to makers of those badges and in your case correspond properly to badges The last one you showed, is commemorative badge of the Interned Legionaries in camp Szczypiorno, hence "For Szczypiorno".

Also iffy. Thank you very much. I will remember that in the future about removing the spinners from the back when taking photos. Thank you as well for the info on the names on the spinners and the final ID. I will go tomorrow to my local Legion and see if there is a local Polish branch or at least someone local who may know about the items. Now I just need to see if I can get the questionable ones verified one way or the other. Then to find the best venue to be sure the badges get to someone who will cherish them and properly display them while at the same time IS there any current auctions or any other means that you could recommend that would get the badges to the correct market for sale?

I wish the owner would donate them to either our local museum or maybe even the legion for display but I do understand why she feels she has no choice but to try and sell them. Not to mention they have been sitting in her closet for over the last 15 years in a Tupperware container. Welcome to the forum, and thank you for sharing this incredible find. There are some real gems in there. Authenticating them will take some time and effort as some of the questionable ones are actually badges that are quite rare in their own right, and genuine examples are few and far between.

I would encourage the owner to remain patient in order to realize the best return. As far as selling them, the market in Poland is the place to go. They hold popular public auctions with international exposure every few months, and their offerings generally see good results. Aug 26, by Muhammad Yusuf Mujahid. This book on The Afghan War of - discusses Afghan war. Howard Hensman has witnessed the whole event with his own eyes as a correspondent. This book gives a glimpse of those events.

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Note these files have the following changes: The metadata has been corrected and updated. Nevertheless, Chmola continued his efforts to train the youth, started organizing scouting camps and teaching adolescents various survival skills, orienteering in different terrains and similar useful skills based on self-reliance, discipline and, most importantly, fellowship. This initiative attracted several prominent individuals, who would later also play important roles in the creation of the Sich Riflemen — for example, Petro Franko, Ivan Franko's son.

And many individuals continued to secretly train militarily, of their own accord.

Dr. Victor L. Konyago

Finally, Kyrylo Tryliovs'kyi translated a similar statute of a Polish paramilitary sharpshooter organization and submitted it to the Austrian authorities for approval. This time, the officials had no choice but to grant approval, and a society of "Sich Sharpshooters" Sichovi Stril'tsi was finally legalized in the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria on 18 March The first such company was set up in Lviv, soon to be augmented by Ivan Chmola and his group.

Legalization of Sich Sharpshooters gave impetus to other Ukrainian youth organizations, and the ranks of Sich , Sokil and Plast subsequently swelled up all across Western Ukraine. Plast was by then transformed into a full-fledged scouting organization with branches in many towns and villages. Many of these young scouts would continue to voluntarily join Ukrainian Sich Sharpshooter movement even well after the war was over, and future generations would also participate in the liberation struggles between the wars and in World War II.

[SUGESTÃO]Compartilhamento de livros | História | ВКонтакте

After many trials and tribulations, having survived in the Ukrainian Diaspora, Plast was reorganized in Ukraine shortly before Ukraine's independence in and continues to be the largest scouting organization in Ukraine, fostering the values of national patriotism among Ukrainian youth.

Initially there was no unanimity among the founders of the Ukrainian Sich League as to its goals: some wanted complete independence of the Ukrainian people from the Austro-Hungarian empire, and some wanted limited autonomy within the empire. The pro-Austrian faction prevailed, and only units loyal to the Habsburg monarchy were allowed to exist. From its inception, Ukrainian Sich Sharpshooters saw Russia as their main enemy and were preparing to liberate Ukrainian lands from under the yoke of Russian Empire.

In , a statute of USS was published, which established the order of service and the uniforms, provided military terminology and commands in the Ukrainian language. That same year ammunition and rifles were procured for a 10,strong Legion of Ukrainian Sich Sharpshooters , which participated in Lviv parade on 28 June , along with all of the youth organizations - Sich , Sokil and Plast.

That same day, Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo by a Serbian nationalist, precipitating the chain of events that led to World War I.

The Ukrainian leaders in Austria-Hungary hoped that the formation of these units would advance the cause of national liberation.