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Migration Testing is essential to move data from the Legacy system to the new system without any data loss and there are several types of Migration Testing too.

Through this tutorial, let us know more about the Migration Testing Types that quite often happen in the real time in IT Industry. The following are the different types of Migrations that typically happen quite often:. As far as the Migration Testing approach, strategy, testing phases are concerned; it is the same as what we learned in our Tutorial 1.

Given below are the specific areas in each case where additional testing needs to be carried out to ensure efficient Migration Testing for each of the above types of Migrations. Application migration is a type where entire application is migrated from one environment or platform to another. Few benefits of Application migration are listed below depends on new application :.

How it works.

Test Strategy for cloud Migration at QA InfoTech

Step 1: In-cloud testing and validation Use isolated test clones to test directly in the cloud without any impact on live applications. Step 2: Build your migration waves Migration waves are a designated group of systems that you'll migrate in a specific order, so that IT maintains key dependencies throughout the migration process. Use our trusted discovery and assessment partners to inventory your current IT landscape and then use that information to craft your migration waves.

Step 3: Deploy workloads to Google Cloud For simple migrations, you can migrate directly from vCenter using our plugin. For multi-tier workloads that require a specific order or automation, you'll execute migration waves from the Migrate for Compute Engine console.

7 Steps to a Winning Cloud Migration Strategy - By Twain Taylor

For either path, you'll receive analytics-based rightsizing recommendations to help you pick the cloud instance types to best meet your computing needs. Step 4: Background data migration Applications begin running in Google Cloud after just a few minutes, so there's negligible downtime.

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Meanwhile, remaining data transfers and syncs seamlessly in the background — in a way that is completely transparent to end users. This helps maintain SLAs, while keeping maintenance windows short and predictable. Step 5: Stateful rollback to on-premises if needed If things don't go as planned, roll back to on-premises, make some tweaks, and try again.

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No loss of data or project time. Use cases. Accelerate your migration journey Move business application workloads from on-premises and other clouds into Google Cloud quickly and easily, with built-in support for testing, rollback, automation, and more. Unlock the cloud's agile capacity Move applications that are pegged on-premises into larger, more powerful instances in the cloud with minimal downtime and complete data synchronization throughout.

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Safeguard your migration end-to-end Test applications directly in the cloud before you migrate. Provisioning and rightsizing Provision cloud instances directly from Migrate for Compute Engine, including support for customizations to networking, encrypted disks, and more, as well as analytics-based rightsizing recommendations for both cost and performance.

Customizable Customization hooks allow IT managers to perform specific customizations e. Automated migration waves Automatically generate self-documenting, auditable migration waves from vCenter or other clouds. Intelligent streaming Prioritizes necessary data for an application to run and moves that data into the cloud first. Multi-tier caching and optimization A multi-tier read-write cache in the cloud stores the working set of data needed by the application while it runs in the cloud.

Resiliency Each Migrate for Compute Engine deployment incorporates active-active migration clusters that are deployed across two zones. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Authors: Tilley , Scott, Parveen , Tauhida.

Migrate for Compute Engine

For a large, complex system, the amount of test cases in a regression test suite can range from a few hundred to several thousands, which can take hours or even days to execute. Regression testing also requires considerable resources that are often not readily available. This precludes their use in an interactive setting, further contributing to an inefficient testing process.

Cloud computing offers the use of virtualized hardware, effectively unlimited storage, and software services that can help reduce the execution time of large test suites in a cost-effective manner. The research presented by Tilley and Parveen leverages the resources provided by cloud computing infrastructure to facilitate the concurrent execution of test cases.

They introduce a decision framework called SMART-T to support migration of software testing to the cloud, a distributed environment called HadoopUnit for the concurrent execution of test cases in the cloud, and a series of case studies illustrating the use of the framework and the environment.

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Experimental results indicate a significant reduction in test execution time is possible when compared with a typical sequential environment.