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The volatiles were removed using a rotary evaporator and hexane 20 mL was added. Pyridine 4. The solution was stirred at RT for 2 hrs and transferred to a separation funnel. The water layer was washed with hexane three times. All hexane washings were combined and evaporated to give a viscous oil. The mixture was re-dissolved in hexane 20 mL and washed three times with water.

Sodium sulfate was used to dry the moisture in hexanes solution and was filtered out. The hexane phase yielded 0. The hexane phase yielded 1. The formulations were cast by wire-wound lab rods of wire size 12 Paul N. Dardner Company onto glass slides, and then covered immediately and pressed tightly together with a second glass slide. All the formulations firmly adhered to glass slides. Heptane 0.