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And there it suddenly is, filling the air around me. I ask Jonathan if he knows the name of the perfume she wore. He has no idea. I ask his sister. At a department store perfume counter, I sniff a confusing number of bottles. Several months pass before the next episodes: two in one week, both in my study. I pace the room, inspecting shelves, drawers, the sofa — there has to be an explanation!

She Smells the Dead (Spirit Guide, Book 1)

How can an ostensibly sane person repeatedly experience such a definite smell and fail to locate the source? A friend, Mike, comes to lunch and I end up telling him the whole crazy story. I wait for him to laugh; instead he gives me a beady look. Jonathan makes a noise of exasperation and Mike turns to him.

But do I really believe in ghosts? What I do believe in — am perpetually fascinated by — is the gulf between what humans are capable of imagining and what may actually be there. I tell Mike that even if I did believe in ghosts, it would be extremely uncharacteristic of Helen to haunt me like this.


She Smells the Dead

She claims there is convincing research on the subject and cites the example of her late husband who, after his death, appeared to make frequent contact by turning electrical appliances on and off. I email her to ask if she can account for my experiences. A nice idea. I wish I could say that my own gut feeling supported it. Next, I email Jay A.

Gottfried, a neuroscientist who runs the Gottfried Laboratory at Northwestern University, which investigates the links between brain activity and sensory perception. I read that last sentence several times over. It seems reasonable. But could it explain so many episodes? I know Dr.

Ruths from attending a course he taught a few years ago. I am slightly embarrassed to approach him with such an eccentric-seeming inquiry, but Dr. I did grieve when Helen died, very much so, and for several months. But after five years? How wonderful it would be to call her, hear her pick up the phone, shyly pleased, and to go over and sit on her terrace, drink a glass of sauvignon blanc and watch the boats slide past on the Thames, as we used to. I recognize this for what it is: a natural nostalgia for the days when our children were small, when life seemed so uncomplicated, when so much still lay ahead.

But if this is just about my own, unrequited longing, then — Mike might ask — who exactly is the ghost? Could this be a case of the living haunting the dead, rather than vice versa? It is a very interesting question, one that I will try to answer without sounding too unhinged.

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But living day to day within fantasy worlds does come with its dangers. How do I know what is real and what is truly unusual? My fascination with the supernatural began as a child. I was a ravenous reader and, thankfully, my family recognized a need for more challenging books. I lived within the pages of fairy tales, ghost stories, and tales of the macabre. I danced in fairy circles, listened for rattling chains, and deduced who may or may not have been buried in the back garden.

Spirit Guide: The Complete Series

I would see unusual creatures everywhere. Sleepy fairy faces would peer from the bark of oak trees, mermaids and selkies bob upon the ocean waves, and specters lurk menacingly in the shadows. So I started writing grand adventures for the creatures I imagined. At first these were fantastical tales of whimsy, but later I became more serious about my writing. It seemed very important to understand what motivated these unusual creatures and for that I needed to delve into the past. Thus began my research into the folklore, myth, and legend of supernatural creatures.

Phychic Claims She Can Smell Death

At first, I focused on the Celtic folklore that reminded me of the bedtime stories my Welsh mother told me as a child. But there were so many intriguing connections between these stories and tales that I had read from other countries, that I eventually cast my net to encompass tales from throughout the world. My poetry collection, Shadows of Myth and Legend, tells the personal tale of many of these creatures.

Later, after delving deeply into the psyche of despairing a loup garou, exhausted phoenix, lonely gargoyle, watchful kraken, hungry wendigo, and vengeful selkie, I created two very different fantasy worlds. The Spirit Guide young adult series is a blend of mystery, humor, and paranormal romance. Yuki must deal with ghosts, werewolves, high school bullies, and a dung beetle spirit guide—unusual indeed.

‎Spirit Guide: The Complete Series on Apple Books

Brush with Death, the fourth book in the Spirit Guide series, will release October But unusual creatures finally come out to play in droves in the Ivy Granger urban fantasy series. The city of Harborsmouth is populated with a wide variety of fae and undead.

Trolls, kelpies, shellycoats, brownies, trolls, vampires, demons, and pixies live alongside unsuspecting humans. Shadow Sight, the first book in the Ivy Granger series, is available now.