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About influenza
  1. Influenza in children - Caring for Kids
  2. How can you prevent influenza?
  3. Influenza Research Database - nfluenza genome database with visualization and analysis tools
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Influenza in children - Caring for Kids

The flu is an infection of the respiratory tract nose, throat, and lungs. It's caused by a virus that spreads easily from person to person. Flu season in the United States is from October to May. When people have the flu, they usually feel worse than they do with a cold. Most people start to feel sick about 2 days after they come in contact with the flu virus.

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They might have:. The flu can turn into a serious illness like pneumonia.

Influenza Update, 2018 – 2019

That can be dangerous for babies and kids or adults with health problems. If you think your child has the flu, see a doctor, nurse, or other medical expert right away.

How can you prevent influenza?

The flu gets its name from the virus that causes it — the influenza virus. It spreads when people cough or sneeze out droplets that are infected with the virus and other people breathe them in. The droplets also can land on things like doorknobs or shopping carts, infecting people who touch these things. Yes, the flu is very contagious.

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  7. People can spread it from a day before they feel sick until their symptoms are gone. This is about 1 week for adults, but it can be longer for young kids. The flu usually happens in small outbreaks.

    When the illness spreads quickly and infects lots of people in an area at the same time it's called an epidemic. This tends to happen every few years. If an epidemic spreads worldwide, it's called a pandemic. Anyone can get the flu, but kids tend to get it more often than adults. Some very young children or kids with health problems can get very sick and need special care. Health care providers can often tell by looking if a child has the flu. The effectiveness of the current vaccine is not known when the immunization program begins but is determined as the season progresses.

    The Alberta government purchased 1. Health care workers are strongly encouraged to get immunized. Alberta has a voluntary immunization policy for health care workers. The focus is on education, promotion, and making it easy for health care workers to get immunized.

    Influenza Research Database - nfluenza genome database with visualization and analysis tools

    Seasonal Influenza Summary Reports. Influenza information and surveillance data. Alberta respiratory virus surveillance interactive data. About influenza Influenza — commonly referred to as the flu — is a respiratory disease caused by a virus that affects the nose, throat and lungs.

    Ask the expert: Influenza Q&A

    Most healthy people are able to recover from influenza without severe complications. Read more about immunization Find out where to get immunized in Alberta Contact your local pharmacist or physician for details on vaccine availability Influenza vaccine All Albertans 6 months of age and older can get the current 4-strain influenza vaccine free of charge.

    Vaccine effectiveness Vaccine effectiveness varies from year to year but immunization is still the best protection.

    modernpsychtraining.com/cache/products/naxiv-program-to.php Alberta influenza facts The Alberta government purchased 1. Before , the program targeted those most at risk of disease and complications.