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  1. Eternal Iran: Continuity and Chaos (Middle East in Focus)
  2. Eternal Iran : Continuity and Chaos -
  3. The Changing of the Guard: The Persian Gulf between Two Superpowers

Perhaps preemption of Iran's nuclear program will be necessary, but in that case, deterrence and containment will be needed to limit Iranian reactions after the preemption. Because almost any policy option will entail deterrence and containment as an element, the United States should increase its actions to deter and contain Iran without waiting for further diplomatic developments.

Eternal Iran: Continuity and Chaos (Middle East in Focus)

Clawson is a prolific writer whose articles and op-eds have appeared in the Washington Post , the Wall Street Journal , and Foreign Affairs , among numerous other journals and press outlets. He has also teamed up with various other defense hawks and neoconservatives to produce monographs on Iranian policy. In , he co-edited with Henry Sokolski an advocate of hardline weapons and counterproliferation policies who was formerly based at the National Institute for Public Policy the volume Getting Ready for a Nuclear Ready Iran , which was published by the Strategic Studies Institute of the U.

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Army War College. Bush administration. For media inquiries, email rightwebproject gmail. The brainchild of Sears-Roebuck heiress Nina Rosenwald, the Gatestone Institute is a New York-based advocacy organization formerly chaired by John Bolton that is notorious for spreading misinformation about Muslims and advocating extremely hawkish views on everything from Middle East policy to immigration.

Eternal Iran : Continuity and Chaos -

Conrad Black is a former media mogul closely connected to rightist political factions in the United States who was convicted in July for fraud and obstruction of justice and later pardoned by his friend President Trump. David Friedman is U.

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  • Ambassador to Israel under Donald Trump. He is known for his extreme views on Israel, which include opposition to the creation of a Palestinian state and support for Israeli settlements. Update Location.

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    The Changing of the Guard: The Persian Gulf between Two Superpowers

    Tell us if something is incorrect. Alliance of Civilizations. David Albright , a physicist, is president and founder of the Institute for Science and International Security in Washington. The author of many assessments on secret nuclear weapons programs world-wide, he is a former USIP grantee. He is currently writing a book on civil-military relations in Iran. He is a former Woodrow Wilson Center scholar. Henri J. Mehrzad Boroujerdi is associate professor of political science and director of the Middle Eastern Studies Program at Syracuse University.

    She has traveled extensively in the Middle East, including to Iran. Shahram Chubin is a Geneva-based specialist on Iranian politics and a non-resident senior associate of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. He has authored many books on the Middle East. Michael Connell is a member of the research staff at the Center for Naval Analyses, where he is director of the Iranian Studies Program.

    He has authored several studies that focus on political, military, and security issues related to Iran and the other Persian Gulf countries. He is a former intelligence officer in the U. Anthony H.